Ghaziabad Sahitya Samiti is a non profit organisation devoted to celebrate literature in Ghaziabad and beyond.

Born in May 2023, Ghaziabad Sahitya Samiti endeavours to promote the love for literature and encourage its exploration by fostering a community of literature lovers, providing a platform for writers to showcase their work, organizing events to encourage intellectual discourse, and supporting literary initiatives in local communities.

Led by Gaurav Sharma Lakhi, Ghaziabad Sahitya Samiti seeks to celebrate all forms of literature and harness its potency for social welfare.


Mr. Gaurav Sharma Lakhi

Vice President

Mr. Mahesh Verma


Mrs. Nidhi Bhargava

Joint Secretary

Mr. Sunil Kothari


Mr. Binod Mairta


Mrs. Gunjita Kumar

Assistant Treasurer

Mrs. Swati Sharma